Opportunism : A Love of Fate

One popular belief system of the ancient Stoic philosophers known as ‘Amor fati’, or ‘love of fate’ is of great importance during these current times, especially for millennials.

The philosophy posits that every event is discerned as fated to occur. When one complains and strongly protests against circumstances, one falls out of balance with the natural state of things; one wishes things were different.

We’ve been told that one of our greatest human resource is our willpower, our decision-making => our discipline.
Most of us wouldn’t be where we are without hard work or the ability to change our circumstances.

And so, we come to expect that the world will always respond in kind. That it will do what we want. That things will more or less go our way.

To the young and ambitious, Acceptance is the hardest piece of advice to follow. A bitter pill to swallow.
It is hard because it means tolerating things we don’t like, it feels weak, it feels like one has quit, it feels like defeat.

What am I supposed to do, just let things be?—YES!

The tendency to adhere to this faulty and damaging belief that things must be the way we want them, or must be the way we expected ultimately accomplishes very little to nothing at all. Energy/life is wasted!

More importantly, it prevents the acknowledgement of a crucial paradigm shift: Working with what actually is, seeing things as they are, converting all circumstances into opportunities, making the best of every situation, being fluid in our approaches, free in our thoughts, listening to demand and creating supply, willing to take new directions without fear of failure.

Amor fati => Love of fate => The art of acquiescence => what can’t be cured must be endured.

THE MESSAGE: One doesn’t have to like it to work with it-to use it to one’s advantage. It starts by seeing it clearly and accepting it unconditionally. Amor fati – a love of what happens, because that is our only option.

The world around us is what it is. The events that happen are what they are. The people in our lives do what they do.

Accept them. Understand them. Empathize with them.

A man or woman who believes this cannot be hurt by anything or anyone.


Black Soul

Black Soul

In a quest to achieve his goal

The black man

Stumbles and crumbles

And loses his soul

He believes the world to be simple

Lacking the capacity for evil

Eyes wide shut is his thesis

Praying aloud to sweet baby Jesus

The silent Lord of his Temple

Descendant of Ham

Brother of Japheth and Shem

Cursed by his father Noah

Condemned to be a slave hence the beginning of the Shoah

They want to break his soul

Hate yourself! They propagate

Slowly dying inside as they close the prison gate

The black man

Stumbles and crumbles

And loses his soul

Boss Lady



Phenomenal woman

In dire search for her daddy

Phenomenal woman

Could care less she’s waiting for Mr. Dandy

Like a ghost he is gone

A single lady

Fiercely all alone

She’s a boss lady


She runs the show

Cool, calm, and collected

She must not know

Women who wear pants usually get neglected

Here she comes

Yearning for that top spot

There she goes

Tying her own Windsor knot