Lionel Ntasano  was born in Burundi in 1984 and raised in Zambia. He attended university in the U.S.A, Kenya and Switzerland; earning a Bachelor in Management and a Masters in International Business. He now runs Nonara Hotels s.a focusing on hospitality and real estate in Bujumbura, and Nonara Productions Inc, writing and creating film projects for theatrical release in Los Angeles.

As a voracious reader since childhood, and an avid follower of the philosophical school of Stoicism he decided to have a go at writing. Surprisingly, the process of writing his first novel, ‘Greener on the Other Side’ and upcoming sophomore novel ‘Hotel California’ significantly helped him to grow and mature as a person. Thanks to this experience, he has mended difficult relationships with siblings and friends. He truly believes that he has become more understanding, and he is glad to say that this is what his writing and films are all about; understanding, patience and forgiveness.

Lionel Ntasano lives with his wife and son between Bujumbura, Burundi and Los Angeles, USA.

He can be found on Twitter @LNtasano and Instagram lntasano

You can contact him at ntasano at gmail dot com


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