The Village Bicyle: Unfaithful Love

“Everyone has a ride”

My friend’s girlfriend worked in a lingerie boutique and in came a man for Valentines day, buying two beautiful and sexy ensembles. He asked for them to be packed separately with two Valentines cards. One for his wife and the other for his mistress. On the same day, at a popular lounge, as I sat waiting for my date, I overheard a group of girls talking. One of the girls was telling a story of a guy who came back to return an engagement ring that he had purchased at a jewlery shop she worked at. They kept laughing at him as they downed their Daiquiris. What they didn’t know he’d walked in on his girlfriend with another man. The next morning, as I was leaving my apartment for some random errand, I bumped into my neighbor, Hellen. I had not seen her in a while. She looked thin, pale and gaunt. I asked her if she was alright, she did not answer. She just looked at me with dispair, as she started weeping silently as she tried not to. It was an akward moment. I reached over to her trying to console her while asking her to tell me what was going on. She told me that her fiance, Michael, was about to get a child with another woman, and was going through with the child. A few months earlier, I thought they had a perfect relationship if such a thing existed. I asked her why Michael would do such a thing, I told her that they seemed madly in love with each other, or at least that was what it looked like. She was a successful lawyer, he had potential, he was an up-coming lobbyist in Governent coming from a well-known and respected family. He inevitably proposed to her, she said yes and he moved in with her. They had support from both families and friends. Everyone on both sides of the families loved them both. A year into the engagement, they begun trying for a child only to find out that she’s infertile. They both refused to adopt so they  seeked assistance to numerous different doctors, trying many other things but still, she could not get pregnant. It was a rough patch but they still seemed to be able to pull through, at least that is what she thought.

Four months before their planned wedding, he confessed to her that he had been cheating on her with another woman (it was actually an acquaintance of hers). Futhermore, she later learned he cheated on her with many many more other girls. She had never taken the time to reflect and pay particular attention to the signs and redflags. She was in love. So smitten was she when they met, that she would nonchalantly pay for their dates. Michael had so much potential and respectable reputation around town. He supposedly possessed all the qualities she was looking for in a  possible husband. To endear herself to him, she would often prepare meals for him at her house, which he happily wolfed down. Soon, he was calling for dinner daily. As he ate her food, he would charm her with jokes and tell her what a marvelous cook she was. She was flattered and even more besotted with him. She soon started lavishing gifts of clothing on him. On his birthday, she bought him a Range Rover. Although he was employed, he spent his own money sparingly. He hardly contributed much towards his upkeep, as they were now co-habiting. He always had a ready excuse not to chip in. In actual fact, he was putting away as much as possible in savings, building up a nest egg for himself. Since he was living rent-free, he managed to save a tidy sum in the 3.5 years they were together. He was the smart talking type, the kind who can sell sand to the Arabs. In fact, he was often in trouble with the Authorities. He talked of deals that would net in millions of dollars. The truth is, he had never worked hard enough to bring home even $5,000 yet claims to have a proposal that will soon place him in the world of the rich and famous. He dismissed getting employed, claiming that he is worth much more than the peanuts that he’ll be paid. He liked being his own boss. He would spend a lot of time trying to see his big shot contacts to get the deals. He used to report to a certain politician’s office daily for three months. He would wait at the reception from 8.30am. The politician would leave for lunch and give him an appointment for 2.30pm. He would wait patiently up to 5.30pm without seeing the politician. This went on daily for three months, until he got the hint. In the meantime, the rent  were being paid by his long-suffering partner.

One fine Saturday morning, he woke up, dressed very smartly. Hellen wondered why he was so niftily dressed that day. He just smiled as he entered his Range Rover, new shoes and all, and left without saying a word. He came back after four days and confessed. Detailing all the different girls, using the car that she bought him to go see those girls, lying that he travelled for work while he was in a different state, just to see a particular girl. He used her most sensistive insecurity against her in such a massive betrayal that it ourtright ‘broke’ her. She stopped going out, stopped socialising with friends, got into alcohol, stopped eating, etc etc. She lost all her self-esteem and became incredibly over sensitive to everything.  She now suffered from huge abandonment issues and depression. The person we all knew was lost.

It’s amazing how women/men get trapped in these sorts of relationships. I see these types all the time. They usually have a background: their parents are usually rich and influential. These men/women, however, do not know the meaning and value of hard work. You will find them smartly dressed in hotel lounges, timing their victims. They try hard to look well-off and only patronize high-end hotels. They are quite particular about the way they dress, their shoes, the cologne/perfume they wear and watches they wear. All this is a façade createc to overwhelm their targets: lonely, well-off women/men, and they do not care about their target’s marital status.

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Author of 'Greener on the Other Side' - his fiction has also appeared in 'Pear Drop Journal'. He is at work on a novel that delves into the intricacies, and conundrums of the meaning of manhood in today's world.

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