A fight broke out in one corner of the club. Two working girls were fighting over an American tourist. As they got bored watching two drunk prostitutes fighting, the best friends looked at each other and laughed. That’s when they decided to leave the club. Nick stepped out on to the street as if he had come out of a filthy dirty place, scraping at himself as if he was dusty. He put his hand inside his pocket and reached for his cigarette pack, then patted himself, looking for his lighter. Shoot, I gave it to one of the prostitutes who asked for a light, Nick told himself. Funny how, lighting a cigarette for a woman is a non-verbal pick-up line. As he looked around, trying to find a lighter from someone, he noticed a homeless bum. The hobo looked confused and a bit bonkers. Although the guy was talking to himself, pointing fingers and all, he looked happy and secure in his madness. Did he choose his circumstance? Was this his destiny? His purpose? Just as Nick observed him, a fair-skinned, thick-thighed woman in high heels and with long, fake hair walked right past him, mincing her derriere daintily. She paused and adjusted one of her shoes, bending over and sticking her apple bottom right in the hobo’s face. Right there and then, for just a minute, he became sane. He smiled and pointed his finger towards her. The little scene made Nick laugh. He then thought of how sex was a desire with no equal. What really happened with the snake, Eve and Adam? Nick thought. How good did that forbidden fruit really look or taste? Was it worth it? The apple in the Garden of Eden looked deeply inviting, but you were not supposed to eat of it. It was forbidden, but that was precisely why you’d think of it day and night. You see it, but cannot have it. And the only way to get rid of this temptation is to yield and taste the fruit.

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Author of 'Greener on the Other Side' - his fiction has also appeared in 'Pear Drop Journal'. He is at work on a novel that delves into the intricacies, and conundrums of the meaning of manhood in today's world.

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