“Imagine yourself a traveler. What would you need to be happy? A comfortable seat? Sounds reasonable, right? How can you be a happy traveler, after all, if you’re crowded for hours in a tight, severely cramped space? Actually, you can be a happy traveler in a tight cramped space. Better yet, you can be a happy traveler in a tight, cramped space even if you’re soaked and shivering. You wouldn’t mind one bit that damp and lack of space if you had been shipwrecked and just spent an hour treading water. You would be happy beyond belief to find any space at all no matter how tight in a lifeboat. You would shiver and smile. Now imagine yourself flying high above those ice cold waters, sitting comfortably in an airline aisle seat. You have plenty of room to stretch your legs and arms. No one is sitting next to you, or in front or behind. Sitting in your infinite comfort you strike up a conversation with the passenger across the aisle. He seems even happier than you are. You ask him why. You learn that he had found a fantastic deal for his ticket. He paid one-third of what you paid. Suddenly, despite your comfort, you don’t feel happy at all.”

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Author of 'Greener on the Other Side' - his fiction has also appeared in 'Pear Drop Journal'. He is at work on a novel that delves into the intricacies, and conundrums of the meaning of manhood in today's world.

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